2016 08 26
Relief for epilepsy at the scale of a single cell

Researchers at Linköping University have developed in collaboration with French colleagues a small device that both detects the initial signal of an epileptic attack and doses a substance that effectively stops it. All this takes place where the signal arises – in an area of size 20×20 µm known as a “neural pixel”.

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2016 02 22
Welcome to the 20th OBOE Miljö Meeting, 22 February 2016

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2015 09 25
Supersnabb smärtlindring

Nu har forskare tagit fram en pacemaker för nervsystemet. Jonpumpen lindrar smärta lokalt och supersnabbt.

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2015 06 25
Welcome to the 19th OBOE Miljö Meeting, 25 June 2015

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2015 05 11
Svenskt genombrott: Bot mot kronisk smärta

En mikropump som opereras in i kroppen och skickar ut joner som lindrar kronisk smärta. Svenska forskare är först i världen med att utveckla en ny smärtstillande teknik.

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2014 11 04
Iontronix at Venture Arena 2014

Iontronix is a spinoff based on research in the area of bio-electronics. The main product is a molecular pump that is able to pump bio-molecules at low rates and with very high precision. The pumps are already in use as laboratory devices in several places over the world. A large future application area is the use of the pump in a new pacemaker product, being able not only to raise the heart rate as is done by conventional electronic pacemakers but also to lower the rate when necessary. The yearly pacemaker market is approximately $5 Billion and it is expected that a substantial part of these pacemakers will need to be able to control the heart rate both up and down.

Iontronix is looking for an investor. A background from the biotech industry is desirable.

More information (external link to Iontronix at Venture Arena)

2013 11 05
Iontronix at Venture Arena

Linköping University’s Assistant Professor Daniel Simon presents Iontronix at Venture Arena (venturearena.se). Iontronix is a startup commercializing next generation drug delivery technology based on organic bioelectronics. The presentation details the potential application of the technology for significantly enhancing today’s pacemakers.

2013 09 12
OBOE Scientists – guest editors of BBA

Our OBOE-members, Agneta Richter-Dahlfors and Peter Kjäll where selected guest editors of a special issue called “Organic bioelectronics – novel applications in biomedicine” in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA).

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2013 09 09
Visit us at the Society for Neuroscience

San Diego, 9-13 November, booth 4117


2013 08 17
Welcome to the 15th OBOE Miljö Meeting

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2013 06 10
OBOE Players Board Meeting 2013

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2013 01 11
Welcome to the 14th OBOE Conference

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2012 08 26
Mats Sundin donates over 2 million SEK to medical research

Ice hockey champ Mats Sundin donates over 2 million SEK to medical research
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2012 06 01
Large response on the Ion transistor article

Following last weeks publication in Nature Communications, the Ion transistor attracted attention in more than 400 journals and newspapers! For those interested in this invention and other inventions of the OBOE group we recommend a visit to OBOE IPR AB

2012 05 29
Så ska ett chip få kroppen att läka – Artikel i Ny Teknik

Operera in ett chip i kroppen och bota sjukdomar. Det låter som science fiction. Men inte för forskare i Linköping som skapat en krets där kemiska signaler skickas på samma sätt som i våra kroppar.

2012 05 28
OBOE Spring Meeting Conference 2012

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2012 02 14
OBOE Spring Meeting 2012 May 28-29, Södertuna Slott, Gnesta

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2012 02 07
Nytt patentbolag skapar rättvisa – affärsliv.com

Ett 30-tal forskare vid tre olika forskningscentra i Sverige har startat ett gemensamt bolag för patent.

2011 12 14
The Patent application ”Ion pump 1″ – Granted

Recently the Ion Pump 1 has was granted and we like to gratulate our inventors for filing a very strong patent application: Nilsson David, Kjaell Peter, Magnus Berggren, Isaksson Joakim, Richter Dahlfors.

2011 11 16
The OBOE Fall Meeting will be held in Norrköping, December 15

2011 05 23
OBOE Spring Meeting 2011

Welcome to the OBOE Spring Meeting, May 23-24 at Södertuna Slott, Gnesta

2010 12 16
OBOE Fall Meeting 2010

Welcome to the OBOE Fall Meeting Conference, December 16 at Karolinska Institutet

2010 06 21
OBOE Spring Meeting 2010

Welcome to the OBOE Spring Meeting, June 21-22 at Villa Fridhem, Getå

2010 05 19
Ny uppfinning styr nervceller elektroniskt


2009 12 07
OBOE Fall Meeting Conference 2009

Welcome to the OBOE Fall Meeting Conference 2009 on December 7 in Norrköping

2009 10 06
Patent inget hinder för samarbete – LiU-artikel

Ett viktigt steg på vägen att kunna styra nervceller utifrån med hjälp av elektronik har tagits av forskare vid Linköpings Universitet.

2009 08 19
De bygger nya nerver av plast – Artikel i Ny Teknik

Elektronik av plast kan styra hörseln. Det visar en svensk forskargrupp som härmar nervernas egen signalering. Genombrottet kan på sikt ge helt nya sätt att behandla hörselskador och allvarliga sjukdomar som epilepsi.

2009 06 08
OBOE Spring Meeting Conference 2009

Welcome to the OBOE Spring Meeting Conference, June 8-9 at Villa Brevik, Lidingö

2008 12 15
OBOE Fall Meeting Conference 2008

Welcome to the OBOE Fall Meeting Conference 2008, December 15 at Karolinska Institutet

2007 08 16
Monthly seminars

Welcome to the KI OBOE monthly seminars (fall 2007)
Wednesday Dec 19 14:30-16:00.
Wednesday Nov 21 14:30-16:00.
Thursday Oct 18 14:30-16:00.
Wednesday Sep 26 14:30-16:00.
Thursday Aug 23 14:30-16:00.

All meetings will take place at MTC, Room F670 (entrance at Theorells väg 3)

2007 03 14
Swedish radio on ”neurobics”

Brain plasticity and future perspectives of stem cells and bioelectronics were discussed with OBOE.

2007 02 21
Ny Teknik about the OBOE-project

Recently, the Swedish popular science and technology magazine Ny Teknik reported about our work and progress on organic bioelectronics. The interview took place at Karolinska Institutet and, particularly, the development of electronic ion pumps conducted within the frame of the OBOE project was described.

2007 02 21
Kroppen säger det med toner

Med hjälp av plastelektronik kan forskarna nu tala med kroppens celler. Elektroniken styr halten av de joner som celler och vävnader använder för att signalera till varandra.

2006 11 02
Go with the flow –microfluidics reported in Nature

Recently our work aiming at developing electronic guidance of liquids in microfluidic channels, using polymer wettability switches, was highlighted in Nature within the Research Highlights section. The original piece of work was published in Lab on a Chip, vol 6, pp 1277-1278, 2006.

2006 09 22
”Plaster i kroppens tjänst”

”Plaster i kroppens tjänst”, a UR-TV program in part about organic electronics for biological applications.